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Amytracker™ are optotracers that detect amyloids and other protein aggregates

Amytracker™ allow you to visualize amyloids directly, without using antibodies or any toxic reagents. We developed Amytracker™ to stain amyloid fibrils, and even pre-fibrillar species in tissue sections and working to expand the range of applications. We provide Amytracker™ in a range of different colors to make your amyloid staingings shine!

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Staining with Amytracker™ is powerful, fast and simple

  • Simple
    Stain and go. No need for complex protocols, additional reagents or secondary antibodies.
  • Fast
    Amytracker™ help to minimize your assay time.
  • Stable
    Amytracker™ are thermo- and photo-stable. We recommend storage in the frige, but you can do your assay on the bench at any temperature you like.
  • Sensitive
    Amytracker™ are more sensitive than conventional Amyloid stains.
  • Non-toxic
    Safe to use for you and your experiments.
  • Versatile
    Amytracker™ come in a range of colours. They work with your existing microscope setup.

Amytracker™ for a variety of applications

Our aim is to provide you with Amytracker™ for a variety of applications. We work closely with our partners at research institutions to test our products in the real-life research environment. Our Amytracker™ have been used to stain extracellular amyloid deposits, intracellular inclusion bodies and even aggregates of prion proteins in various species and tissues. With Amytracker™ you will be able to detect early as well as mature plaques. That means you can detect prefirillar species, which cannot be picked-up with the common amyloid dyes. You can detect fully formed protein aggregates with superior intensity. Check out our Science Room for more information.

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