Amytracker - A New Frontier in Imaging of Amyloid Structures in Tissues

Ebba Biotech welcomes you to tune in to our webinar featuring Assistant Professor Oxana Klementieva from Lund's University.

During her talk titled "Amytracker - A New Frontier in Imaging of Amyloid Structures in Tissues", Oxana Klementieva will detail her cutting-edge research into mechanisms of amyloid aggregation using novel imaging techniques.

Read more about her work here:

About Oxana Klementieva I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Experimental Medicine at Lund University. I did my Ph.D. in 2012 in Barcelona and moved to Lund as a postdoc. In 2018, I established a successful research group, the Medical Micro-spectroscopy Lab (MMS Lab) at Lund University’s Medical Faculty. Our research goal is the methodological development of novel approaches that allow the study of amyloid aggregation at the nanoscale in neurons and tissues; more about the project on our website is mmslab.net. The lab currently comprises a team of researchers including BSc, MSc, PhD, and postdoctoral researchers.We utilize cutting-edge technologies available at synchrotron facilities MAX IV in Lund and SOLEIL in France. Our efforts have resulted in the development of a label-free super-resolution amyloid structure imaging approach, enabling direct imaging within neurons and tissues. Our work has been published in prestigious journals, including Nature Communications, Advanced Science, Acta Neuropathologica, Nature: Light, Science & Applications, and we also have a submission under review at JACS.

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