About our Team

Susanne Löffler, Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Susanne Löffler, PhD, Chief Technology Officer (CTO)


Susanne is appointed Chief Technology Officer (CTO) as part of our co-management team. She has been with Ebba Biotech since the beginning and co-authored publications detailing our optotracing technology

Susanne has held various roles throughout the years and will put her focus now of launching new products and applications for our products making use of the optotracing technology.

Smilla Huzell, Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Smilla Huzell, Chief Operating Officer (COO)

smilla.huzell@ebbabiotech.com | +46 70 721 23 77

Smilla is appointed Chief Operating Officer of Ebba Biotech. As part of the Ebba Biotech co-management team, it is her responsibility to make the company run smoothly and to reach our ambitious goals for the future by leading sales and day to day operations.

Smilla has been at Ebba Biotech since 2020 and has experience as a Research Engineer, Account Manager and Team Lead. She is a Biochemist by trade with a B.Sc. (Hons) from University of Glasgow and has hands-on experience with the optotracers as co-author of a milestone publication using EbbaBiolight for semi-automated visualisation of Salmonella biofilm.

Hugo Hammar, Research Engineer

Hugo Hammar, Research Engineer

hugo.hammar@ebbabiotech.com | +46 73 553 63 13

Hugo is our Research Engineer with specialisation on the Carbotrace product series. He is the contact person for all inquiries about Carbotrace and is helping our customers to use Carbotrace in a wide range of applications from biofuels to agricultural research.

Hugo is also managing the Ebba Biotech website, producing high-quality content and keeping it up to date with the latest information and developments surrounding the optotracer technology. Hugo has a background in Biotechnology, with specialist knowledge in affinity proteomics, glycoscience and bioinformatics with a M.Sc.Eng from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

Nora Herlin, Customer Support

Nora Herlin, Customer Support

Nora.herlin@ebbabiotech.com | +46 73 985 40 51

Nora is our Customer Support specialist responsible for running daily operations at Ebba Biotech. She is the first point of contact for placing orders or reporting issues and handles the order logistics from preparation to delivery.