In vivo amyloid staining and intravital imaging

Intravital imaging is allowing researchers to capture images of biological processes in live animals. It has become an advanced tool to study the progression of Alzheimer's and other neurodegenerative diseases in transgenic mice. In vivo imaging using two-photon microscopy is an advantageous technique for observing tissues and organs at high resolution. Amytracker are suitable for in vivo studies since our probes are non-toxic, able to cross the blood-brain barrier and stain fibrillar deposits in animal models of amyloidogenic diseases.

Amytracker-like Molecules, injected intravenously, fluorescently label amyloids in the cerebral tissue and vasculature.

Presently, we supply Amytracker optimized for staining of protein aggregates in tissue sections or cells. If you are interested in Amytracker for intravital imaging of protein aggregates, please contact us for further discussions.

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