Testimonial - Fabrizio Chiti

Prof. Fabrizio Chiti about Amytracker 630:

"I like Amytracker probes because they can be used to detect amyloid-like species inside cells. We have used Amytracker 630 to exclude amyloid-like species of TDP-43 expressed in NSC34 cultured cells. We have also used cells treated with BSA and preformed Abeta fibrils as negative and positive controls respectively, all internalised with a specific kit. We detected fluorescence only in the latter case, as expected. Cells were fixed, permeabilized with Triton X-100 and Amytracker 630 was then added."

Prof. Fabrizio Chiti is Full Professor of Biochemistry leading the Laboratory for the Study of Protein Misfolding Diseases at the University of Florence in Italy.

Testimonial given on February 15th, 2024

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