Amyloid fibril polymorphism in proteinopathies

Ebba Biotech's first webinar in 2023 is dedicated to "Amyloid Fibril Polymorphism" which has recently been shown to be a hallmark of many proteinopathies. One of the leading authorities in this field is Professor Per Hammarström from Linköping University. During this talk titled "Amyloid fibril polymorphism in proteinopathies", Prof. Hammarström discusses his work with protein misfolding in different amyloid diseases and various enhanced analytical methods pushing the boundaries within the amyloid field. Read more about his work using an Amytracker-like molecule for Advanced Imaging of amyloid aggregates here.

Consequences of coagulation in health and disease: The use of fluorescent markers

Ebba Biotech welcomes you to listen to Prof. Resia Pretorius present her research findings using the Amytracker molecules. Her presentation titled “Consequences of coagulation in health and disease: The use of fluorescent markers” will detail past work with the Amytracker molecules within her group and her new exciting work with Long Covid patients.

DISCLAIMER: Prof. Pretorius presentation is purely research based and for informational purposes only. This presentation contains no clinical advice for patients. If you have any health issues please contact your healthcare providers.