Dr. Jaakko Sarparanta about Amytracker 680:

”We used Amytracker 680 to study the amyloid-like nature of pathological protein aggregates in muscle sections. The bright positive staining was easily interpreted and provided the much needed support for our Congo Red results.”

Dr. Jaakko Sarparanta, Folkhälsan Research Center, Helsinki, Finland.

Testimonial given on May 27th, 2021

M. Garcia about Amytracker 520:

"We are studying Alzheimer’s disease in mouse models and use a variety of anti-amyloid-beta antibodies and traditional dyes to look at amyloid-beta aggregation. Amytracker 520 gave a very clean staining with high signal to noise. It was easy to use as a part of routine immunohistochemistry and made for a great complement to Thioflavin S staining to detect dense-core plaques with much less background."

M. Garcia (MSc), Doctoral student, Sweden

Testimonial given on April 21st, 2021