EbbaBiolight Mix&Try

EbbaBiolight Mix&Try

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EbbaBiolight Mix&Try is our recommended option for starting out with using EbbaBiolight. It contains 10 µL of each variant. Testing each variant in the will allow you to determine which one of our optotracers is best suited for your experiment.

All EbbaBiolight variants label extracellular and intracellular bacterial amyloids as well as certain glucans produced as part of the extracellular matrix. Specifically, the optotracers have been used as follows: EbbaBiolight 480 labeling extracellular matrix produced by P. aeruginosa but not C. albicans in a mircofluidic device during mono- and co-culture. EbbaBiolight 630 labeling peptidoglycan and lipoteichoic acids in the cell wall of certain gram positives like Staphylococci and E. faecalis. EbbaBiolight 680 labeling curli in the extracellular matrix produced by Salmonella as well as β-glucans, chitin and intracellular amyloid aggregates in yeast- and hypal forms of C. albicans. Furthermore, it has been used to track pellicle biofilm formation in B. cenocepacia. Contact us to learn more about EbbaBiolight applications.

All EbbaBiolight variants are exceptionally photostable and fluorogenic. When bound to a target, the optotracers can be imaged using fluorescence microscopy and spectral information can be acquired using a fluorescence spectrophotometer. As spectral information can give hints of the nature of the target, we recommend to acquire excitation and emission spectra whenever possible. Use recommended filter sets as well as excitation- and emission wavelengths according to the following table.

Table: Excitation- and emission wavelengths as well as recommended filter sets.
Exmax Emmax Recommended filter-sets
EbbaBiolight 480 420 nm 480 nm DAPI
EbbaBiolight 520 460 nm 520 nm FITC, GFP
EbbaBiolight 540 480 nm 540 nm FITC, GFP, YFP
EbbaBiolight 630 520 nm 630 nm PI, Cy3, TxRed, mCherry, Cy3.5
EbbaBiolight 680 530 nm 680 nm PI, mCherry, Cy3.5

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