EbbaBiolight 680

EbbaBiolight 680

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EbbaBiolight 680 is our red optotracer for labeling extracellular and intracellular bacterial amyloids as well as certain glucans produced as part of the extracellular matrix. Specifically, EbbaBiolight 680 labels curli in the extracellular matrix produced by Salmonella as well as β-glucans and chitins in yeast- and hyphal forms of C. albicans. Furthermore, it has been used to track pellicle biofilm formation by B. cenocepacia. Contact us to learn more about EbbaBiolight applications.

As all our optotracers, EbbaBiolight 680 is exceptionally photostable and fluorogenic. When bound to a target, EbbaBiolight 680 can be imaged using fluorescence microscopy and spectral information can be acquired using a fluorescence spectrophotometer. As spectral information can give hints of the nature of the target, we recommend to acquire excitation and emission spectra whenever possible. Use recommended filter sets as well as excitation- and emission wavelengths according to the table below. 

Table: Excitation- and emission wavelengths as well as recommended filter sets.
Exmax Emmax Recommended filter-sets
EbbaBiolight 680 530 nm 680 nm PI, mCherry, Cy3.5

EbbaBiolight 680 is available in four different formulations (See volumes and prices in the drop-down list below): 

  • Aqueous: 1 mg/ml solution in ultrapure water. The product should be diluted 1:1000 before use. To prevent evaporation of the aqueous solvent, close the container carefully after use, spin down liquid and use up small volumes quickly.
  • DMSO: 1 mg/ml solution in DMSO to prevent solvent evaporation. The product should be diluted 1:1000 before use. For use in live-cells, sometimes 1:500 is necessary due to uptake limitations.
  • Solid: 1 mg solid lyophilised in a sterile injection bottle. We recommend dilution to 4 mg/ml in physiological saline followed by intravenous injection with a total dose of 5 mg/KG.
  • Drop&Shine: 5 ml ready-to-use product in mounting medium. Ideal for use in tissue sections. Add a some Drop&Shine and mount your slide to detect biofilms within minutes.

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