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Amytracker™ Mix&Try Kit

Amytracker™ Mix&Try Kit

3,500.00 SEK
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Amytracker™ Mix&Try Kit is our Test Kit for Getting Started

Amytracker™ Mix&Try Kit contains 10 µl of each fluorencent tracer available in the Amytracker™ series. Amytracker™480 is excited between 405-458 nm and fluorescence emission occurs between 470–550 nm. Amytracker™520 is excited between 405-488 nm and emission is detected between 500-600 nm. Amytracker™630 is excited between 458-514 nm and emission is detected between 600-650 nm. Amytracker™680 is excited between 530-565 nm emission is detected between 600-800 nm. Using all these different options will allow you to select the best Amytracker™ for your experiment.

Amytracker™ Mix&Try Kit is available as ex vivo variant. Please contact us for customs options.

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