Amytracker 480

Amytracker 480

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Amytracker 480 is our blue fluorescent optotracer for labeling protein aggregates with repetitive arrangement of β-sheets. It labels Aβ plaques and neurofibrillary tangles in tissue sections with AD pathology and α-synuclein aggregates in tissue sections with PD pathology. Specifically, Amytracker 480 has been used to study amyloid formation during abnormal coagulation. Contact us to learn more about Amytracker applications.

As all our optotracers, Amytracker 480 is exceptionally photostable and fluorogenic. When bound to a target, Amytracker 480 can be imaged using epifluorescence, confocal and superresolution microscopy. Spectral information can be acquired using a fluorescence spectrophotometer. Use recommended filter sets as well as excitation- and emission wavelengths according to the following table.

Table: Excitation- and emission wavelengths as well as recommended filter sets.
Exmax Emmax Recommended filter-sets
Amytracker 480 420 nm 480 nm DAPI

Amytracker 480 is available as a 1 mg/ml solution in volumes ranging from 10 - 200 µL (see volumes and prices in the list below). As our standard solvent, we use ultrapure water. Please contact us for custom options.

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