New Amytracker 540 and Amytracker Mix&Try

In the Amytracker product series we have - since a few years back - been producing and selling four Amytracker products and we are now proud to be able to launch a fifth one: Amytracker 540 - a green/yellow fluorescent tracer molecule for staining of amyloids and other protein aggregates. With excellent cellular uptake properties, we particularly recommend Amytracker 540 for live-cell imaging and in vivo studies. Amytracker 540 is available as ex vivo variant in two volumes: 50 µl and 100 µl (delivered as 2x50 µl). Please contact us for custom options and to request a quote for our in vivo products. Amytracker 540 will be included in our new Amytracker Mix&Try kit which contains the complete Amytracker product series with five different fluorescent tracers.

Optical spectrum of Amytracker fluorescent tracer molecules. Solid lines show excitation (left line) and emission (right line, shaded area) spectra when bound to a target molecule. Dotted lines indicate background fluorescence when unbound. For Amytracker Mix&Try, emission spectra of all of the five Amytracker molecules are shown.

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