International Microorganism Day!

🌍 Happy International Microorganism Day! 🦠

Today we celebrate the tiny heroes that play a massive role in our world, Microorganisms.

Ebba Biotech has a special appreciation for microorganisms as our EbbaBiolight product line can be used in lots of various research surrounding microorganisms!

Like in this video where researchers at Karolinska Institutet were able to track - in real time! - the growth of Salmonella (tagged with GFP - Green
🟢 ) and more importantly see how ECM components like curli (labelled with EbbaBiolight 680 - Red 🔴 ) were expressed and distributed on an agar plate over a 72 hour period. Incredible 🤩

🎥 Credits: Choong FX et al. 2021 (CC BY 4.0)

Read more about International Microorganism Day here:

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