Carbotrace Webinar - 21st October

For our Autumn webinar, we are excited to introduce Dr. Tharagan Kumar who will be presenting his work with the Carbotrace molecules in cancer diagnostics. A novel application of the molecules to create a workflow that has widespread effects and improvements for accesible and reliable healthcare all around the world.

Be sure to tune into our live webinar on the 21st of October at 3pm CEST.

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CNF layers (left) stained with Carbotrace 680 (red) presented by Dr. Tharagan Kumar (right) in his 2020 paper focusing on cancer diagnostics (Kumar et al. 2020 - CC BY 3.0)

The webinar titled "Cellulose in Cancer Diagnostics" describes how Dr. Kumar was able to develop a multilayered approach using Carbotrace to create a diagnostic tool for non invasive cancer diagnostics.

Using the live tracking ability of the Carbotrace optotracers, Dr. Kumar was able to track specialied cellulose nanofibrils - but we can't give too much away now - you will have to tune in to the webinar to learn all about the details.

This is absolutely an event that you should not miss!

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