Exciting Developments in amyloid Research

A recent preprint from the Nowick Laboratory at UC Irvine investigates an Aβ trimer with specific Aβl7-36 β-hairpins. The goal? The development of antibodies towards these structures. The study includes the use of Amytracker 680 for the detection of Aβ plaques in brain tissue. With Adam Kreutzer being a big fan of the easy implementation of the Amytracker molecules in his workflow. We, at Ebba Biotech are very excited to read the full article once it is published.

🔬Figure: Confocal fluorescence micrographs of LOAD brain tissue containing CAA stained with pAb2AT-L (green) and AmyTracker680 (red). Adam G. Kreutzer et al. (CC BY 4.0).

Read the Preprint: here and check out Adam's testimonial about Amytracker here.

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