About Ebba Biotech and the Optotracer technology

With optotracing – using fluorescent tracer molecules – Ebba Biotech provides an innovative method for expanding areas of research. We proudly serve clinical, academic and industrial research laboratories worldwide.

Use our optotracer products as tool to search and detect.

Amytracker - For detecting amyloids and other protein aggregates

For researchers and physicians to gain deeper understanding of many neurodegenerative disorders, including Alzheimers disease.
EbbaBiolight (from July 1st): For detecting bacteria & biofilm

For hospitals and microbiology laboratories, as well as for industry with high demands to detect bacterial contamination and biofilm formation.
Carbotrace: For understanding the composition of bio-based materials

For anatomical mapping of plants to understand their composition. For analysis, to optimize production and/ or recycling of any bio-based material including biofuels.

Ebba Biotech was founded in 2015 as a biotech start-up within Medeon (Science Park for Life Science in Malmö, Sweden) by professor Agneta Richter-Dahlfors to enable more widespread and commercial use of fluorescent tracer molecules, a result of many years of cutting-edge nanoscience and organic chemistry research.

The optotracing technology – using fluorescent tracer molecules that bind to and mark substances in samples – has been developed by a scientific expert team of researchers at Karolinska Institutet and Linköping University in Sweden.

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