Incorporating Carbotrace as a problem solver in a biorefinery design process

Ebba Biotech welcomes you to tune in to our webinar featuring Dr. Frederik Zitzmann from the University of York. During his talk titled "Incorporating Carbotrace as a problem solver in a biorefinery design process.", Dr. Zitzmann will discuss how we can use novel technologies such as visualising with Carbotrace to revolutionise the world of sustainable materials.

Dr. Frederik Zitzmann is a Green Chemistry researcher with particular interest in biorefinery design, industrial scale-up as well as client-focused research & development of products. He has an extensive background working on microalgae in collaboration with various start-ups and has designed microalgal biorefinery schemes incorporating sustainable and cutting-edge methods for a holistic product development process. His fascination lies in the breadth of sustainable chemistry happening all across the globe and is eager to continue making a difference tackling the 21st century’s numerous challenges.

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