New CEO recruited and appointed for Ebba Biotech


Since January 1st 2020, Eva Halén has been taking the role of CEO at Ebba Biotech. Reach out by email to: eva.halen@ebbabiotech.com (Linkedin).

New Packaging

From now on, orders of 100 µl will be delivered in 2x50 µl vials. You will still profit from the 100 µl discount when ordering.

New Pricing

From February 1st 2020, our prices have been slightly revised and set in Euro (EUR). This means:

  • prices on the website will be shown in EUR
  • quotes and invoices are available in EUR as well as SEK, GBP and USD
  • quotes will be valid for 3 months
  • prices in SEK, GBP and USD will be determined using the daily exchange rate from our bank (Swedish SEB)

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