Carbotrace - expansion of our product range

Carbotrace is our Optotracer (fluorescent tracer molecule) designed to target carbohydrate structures. We are proud to present our expansion of the Carbotrace series to include five wavelength variants and a Mix&Try kit.

Carbotrace can be used for detection of cellulose and other carbohydrates allowing non-destructive carbohydrate analysis and anatomical mapping of carbohydrate structures in plants. Carbotrace is fast, simple, stable, non-toxic and accurate.

Do you want to read more about possible applications? Our Carbotrace 680 molecule has been used for visualizing the carbohydrate anatomy of potato in an article published in the scientific journal “Cellulose” and we are very proud that Carbotrace 680 also made it onto the cover of the journal issue 26(7).

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