“My passion has always been to make our nanoscience and organic chemistry research available to a wider audience. Finally, after spending years on research and development, we are ready and able to launch the full wavelength range of our fluorescent tracer (optotracer) molecule for probing and detecting bacterial biofilm under its new name EbbaBiolight. says founder and chairman of Ebba Biotech AB, Professor Agneta Richter-Dahlfors.

The EbbaBiolight product series consists of five fluorescent tracer (optotracer) molecules: EbbaBiolight 480, EbbaBiolight 520, EbbaBiolight 540, EbbaBiolight 630 and EbbaBiolight 680. All variants are available to order in two volumes: 50 µl and 100 µl. We also offer the EbbaBiolight Mix&Try kit which contains the complete product series (five optotracer molecules) in volume of 10 µl each.

"With exceptionally high signal-to-noise ratio and spectral properties that are clearly distinguishable from biological autofluorescence, we especially recommend EbbaBiolight 680 for tracking of biofilm in live cultures.” says professor Agneta Richter-Dahlfors.

EbbaBiolight 680 has formerly been known under the commercial name ECtracer 680.