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ECtracer™ are fluorescent molecular tracers for detection of
bacterial biofilm components

ECtracer™ allow you to visualize biofilm directly, without using antibodies or any toxic reagents. ECtracer™ do not interfere with bacterial growth or biofilm formation and can therefore be added directly to the growth medium of bacterial cultures. Fluorescence based imaging or spectrophotometric quantification of biofilm can be performed after incorporation of ECtracer in situ or after addition of ECtracer™ to preformed biofilms. Our aim is to provide you with ECtracer™ for a variety of targets & applications. We work closely with our partners at research institutions to test our products in the real-life research environment. Our ECtracer™ have been used to stain biofilms on surfaces at the air-liquid interface as well as biofilms in cells and tissue as well. Spectrophotometric quantification of biofilm is possible in real-time (while bacteria grow) and from agar colony resuspensions.

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