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Carbotrace™680 is our red fluorescent tracer molecule for cellulose detection.

Carbotrace™680 fluorescence is readily visualized using standard microscopy equipment. Excite at 535 nm and detect emission using a 575-620 nm bandpass filter. Or excite at 635 nm and detect emission using a 655-755 nm bandpass filter. Alternatively, you can use the standard settings for AlexaFluor™635. The optical spectrum of Carbotrace™680 allows custom settings to be applied, using an excitation range of 530-565 nm and a detection range of 600-800 nm.

Spectrophotometric cellulose detection

Carbotrace™ is fluorescent only when bound to its target. Therefore, Carbotrace™ can easily be used for spectrophotometric analysis of cellulose content in various samples. We used a dilution series of nanocellulose and measured the emission at 680 nm under excitation with 560 nm to detect nanocellulose in a pure sample. Relative amounts of cellulose can be determined using this method.

Anatomical mapping of cellulose

Carbotrace™ can be used for non-destructive analysis of cellulose distribution in various samples. Anatomical mapping of cellulose in plant tissue slices was performed using confocal microscopy. Excitation was performed at 635 nm and emission was collected using a 655-755 nm bandpass filter. Large multi-faced cell walls of medullary parenchyma cells can be observed but no intracellular organelles - consistent with the specificity for cellulose. Using this technique, intricate details on the inner face of cell walls are visualized.

Carbotrace™680 is available as ex vivo variant in 1x 50 µl and 2x 50 µl volumes. Please contact us for custom options.

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