Amytracker for Amyloid Staining

Amyloids are causative agents in many diseases. More than 30 different precursor proteins and peptides have been reported to form disease-associated amyloids in vivo and the role of pre-fibrillar amyloid species in amyloid toxicity is currently being investigated. As amyloid formation in vivo is slowly progressing, it often takes many years from on-set amyloid formation to the emergence of symptoms. Accurate identification of amyloid deposits and pre-fibrillar species is therefore a necessary tool for precision diagnosis of aggregation proteopathies.

The mechanism of amyloid formation in vivo is studied using transgenic mice, drosophila or caenorhabditis elegans models. Potential drugs designed to halting or even reversing progression of amyloid formation are often tested in these models.

Amytracker is designed as a research tool to identify amyloids and their pre-fibrillar species with high sensitivity independently of the sequence of the precursor peptide or protein. The fluorescent read-out makes it easy to interpret findings and allows to apply spectrophotometric techniques as well as various microscopy techniques based on fluorescent labelling.

Amytracker can be used to stain tissue sections prepared by the most common techniques like paraffin embedding and freezing. Formalin fixation works well for extracellular deposits, and fixation in ice-cold ethanol or acetone is recommended for best preservation of intracellular aggregates. Amytracker can be easily combined with your co-staining of choice. Combining Amytracker and an antibody staining is no problem at all.

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