In our facility at Karolinska Science Park in Solna, we perform standard test procedures to guarantee that our optotracers are produced with consistent quality. While we are proud that our optotracers work with standard instruments like fluorescence plate readers and epifluorescence microscopes, we want to see what is possible using the newest and best equipment on the market.

Through one of our affiliated researchers, Associate Professor Sofie Nyström, from Linköping University we are now able to access the ProLinC core facility at Linköping University. We will use frozen tissue sections with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease pathology and label them with Amytracker according to our protocol for “Staining of protein aggregates in tissue sections”.

The fixed and labeled samples are quite stable and can be transported at room temperature, so we take the short trip to Linköping to use their SpectraView microscope, which generates a fluorescence spectrum for each pixel in the acquired image.