๐ŸŽ„ Happy Holidays from Ebba Biotech! ๐ŸŽ„

Around the world most of us are preparing for the holiday season in one way or another, be it winter or summer holidays. We won't attempt to sum up 2021 - that in so many ways has been challenging for us all. All we want to say is thank you!

Thank you for ordering!
Thank you for coming to webinars!
Thank you for telling us about your experiences!

Essentially - thank you for staying in touch with us throughout the year and we wish you all the best for what we hope is a restful upcoming holiday season.

As an end-of-year treat we want to offer a 100 Euro discount for orders placed before December 31st.

When you order through our webshop, use the code EBBAHOLIDAY2021 at checkout to claim your discount. Alternatively, reach out to any of our team and mention the discount code EBBAHOLIDAY2021.

Our office will have limited business days from December 20th until January 7th, meaning that order process time might be somewhat longer than usual.

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