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Exciting Developments in Amytracker Research

A recent preprint from the Nowick Laboratory at UC Irvine investigates an Aβ trimer with specific Aβl7-36 β-hairpins. The goal? The development of antibodies towards these structures. The study includes the use of Amytracker 680 for the detection of Aβ plaques in brain tissue. With user Adam Kreutzer being a big fan of the easy implementation of the Amytracker molecules in his workflow. We at Ebba Biotech are very excited to read the full article once it is published.

🔬Figure 4. Confocal fluorescence micrographs of LOAD brain tissue containing CAA stained with pAb2AT-L (green) and AmyTracker680 (red). Adam G. Kreutzer et al. (CC BY 4.0)

Read the Preprint here

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