Bio film week 2023

🔬Did you know that this week is the #BIOFILMWEEK? 🧫✨

It’s a fantastic opportunity to shed light on the pivotal role and impact of biofilms! Here at Ebba Biotech, we are thrilled to be part of an industry that is driving innovation to understand and visualise biofilms and their components. A massive thank you to the National Biofilms Innovation Centre for spearheading this initiative.

Thanks to a strong visual impact, the versatile EbbaBiolight optotracer molecule family can help crack the secrets hidden within biofilms.

Here you can see EbbaBiolight 680 (red) infused in agar and is able to bind to the bacterial amyloid curli produced by the GFP-tagged Salmonella (green) bacterial colony. This experiment was done in real time, following the gradual growth of the biofilm with its extracellular matrix components.

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